Gabions used in riverbed improvement can be divided into two groups: box gabions and mattress gabions. Especially, thanks to their flexible structure, gabion materials can continue to perform its protection function by taking the shape of the settlement surface in undercuts during floods. It emerges as the quickest and most economical solution in the flood areas on land and riverbed. Our company designs and projects shore protection, bed protection and precipitation dikes of gabion material in line with the information provided to us (slope of the riverbed, flood flowrate, cross section of riverbed, etc.).

Presence of rocks within the stream planned to be improved makes gabion (box gabion and mattress gabion) unrivaled. In such cases, rock costs will be minimum when obtained from within the stream and only labor and material costs will be incurred. Thus most economic and environment friendly solution will be created. Twisted paired, hexagonal pored wires used in production of the gabions will continue to serve even in point snaps and will enable system to function without falling apart.